Levi and Sully

2022-06-23 05:30:01
There is so much that happened behind the scenes on this video that I'm not sure that I'll be able to get it all in. Levi was hanging out for the weekend when Sully walked in to do a solo. At first glance, Sully looked like he came straight out of a biker gang and ready to bust some ass. We were all a little nervous that Sully was going to throw in the towell before anything even started but we decided WTF, its more fun to just let the cameras roll and see what cums out of it. Levi might have been the only guy in the room not afraid. Things couldn't have gone any more different that we expected. We paired Sully up with Levi because we knew Levi could take a ruff pounding and handle his own with the big guy. All this was about to change as soon as Sully got his mouth around Levi's cock. We didn't think we were ever going to get it out of his mouth. Sully did his job and pounded Levi like a pro but when Sully got on all fours and asked Levi to mount him, all of us settled back for the show. Levi lubed up his big fat cock and teased Sully's hole with his finger before he opened up Sully virgin hole and turned him into a pillow biter. Sully wanted more so he climbed up on top and rode Levi's big rod until Levi was ready to spill his cum all over Sully cum soaked stomach.
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