Lex Lane & Cayden Priar

2022-04-24 05:30:02
Both Lex and Cayden are the type of buddies who don't give a crap about getting their dicks out together, you know they've watched porn and beat off with friend before and it's no big deal. Things are getting a little messier this time, and Cayden doesn't seem to mind it. He has a bit of a thing for cum and piss, and after drenching himself in his own piss he strokes himself off watching his buddy beating his meat. Lex seems to like it too, but he's always been a show off and who doesn't like seeing another hard cock being stroked? Finally he's ready to unload his meat, giving his buddy a hot splash of cum over him, which soon has Cayden dumping his cream out too. Looks like the guys had some good fun in this visit, let's hope they come back and have some more messy fun together soon!
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