Liam Burlington

Channel: English Lads
2019-04-15 05:30:02
Liam is a confident young footballer, not long turned eighteen he is one of those models that steers the shoot, just by being Liam and the way he answers, just a hint of cockiness that makes him stand out from the crowd! He knows how to work a camera, he does lots of these subtle little things with his eyes and hands and generally most of his body as once he sees you acknowledge these things he plays up more! All his football has given his a great body, this lad is really tall and once naked you can enjoy that long uncut cock that spends most of its time rock hard! Not shy about showing off his hole, he is soon stuffing it with a dildo and pumping it, though it’s pretty soon clear he is getting loads of pleasure, so much so that he cums and surprises himself! Since he shot his load so soon Liam had a few minutes break and then stick the dildo back in and goes for it again! I love it when this happens, first toy action and it rubs his prostate, something he is now going to enjoy so much for the rest of his life, that g-spot has been awakened!
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