LJ Richards & Oliver Saxon

2024-02-12 11:30:01
LJ Richards and Oliver Saxon are eager to make some quick cash so they can go party it up later, and after having a fun time out together last night, they’re ready to have a fun time in the sack today! They kiss hard, making out as they strip their clothes off and Oliver goes right for LJ’s big dick, sucking and licking his balls and doing his best to deepthroat that massive cock! When it’s Oliver’s turn, LJ places some kisses down Oliver’s stomach and when he gets to that dick he takes it in his mouth and gives Oliver some amazing oral, making sure he’s hard before he spreads Oliver’s legs and shoves his cock between them! Oliver begs for more as LJ’s big dick fills him up, and the more Oliver moans the harder LJ fucks him as LJ grabs Oliver’s cock and strokes that shaft while he fucks him raw. LJ gives Oliver’s ass a break from the pounding and gives him a rimjob instead, licking Oliver’s sore hole and spanking his ass before he buries his dick inside Oliver again. He pulls his bareback dick in and out of Oliver’s ass until both guys can’t hold back anymore and cum hard!
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