Lorenzo and Santino

Channel: Chaos Men
2020-04-08 05:30:02
Santino has been getting more into his shoots. I think you can tell by his first videos that he was down for the sex, just not quite 'present'. I remember Glenn's first couple shoots where he just seemed bewildered. Santino is growing as performer much like Glenn did. Lorenzo has not done a massage video, and I figured this would put Santino in a natural mindset to getting played with. I think Santino is actually quite passive and the thought of doing this scene had him intrigued. He stood their stroking his cock our initial photos, and then again before entering the room for the massage. Like most guys, he is always worried his cock will look small and scared, so he is always trying to keep it up. So, Santino was charged up and ready to go for his intense massage! Usually I have porn playing to the side. Astute viewers will catch as they sneak glimpses of the TV. Often it is not to stay erect, it is just that there is a TV in the room, and we are all programmed to watch it, no matter what is playing. But this time I kept the video off, and it helped Santino stay in the moment. There is a lot of chemistry between Lorenzo and Santino, as Lorenzo took charge. So no porn was needed! Lorenzo oils him up, plays with his hole and his amazing low hanging balls. He rims his hole than puts in a rather large butt-plug. Santino does stress a little before getting fucked, and I might use this trick on him in the future. Once Lorenzo got it in him, he was enjoyed having a toy stuffed in him while sucking Lorenzo's cock, and then getting his own cock sucked. It loosened him up, but more importantly, it really turned him on.
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