Lucas and Oli in Onesie Direction 2

Channel: Euroboy XXX
2019-06-20 05:30:02
Just imagine stumbling back stage to find your teen idol, and he’s as hot in the flesh as he is on the TV AND he’s horny. When Luca finds Oli alone and randy he’s revved up and ready to do anything to please his idol - ‘anything’!. The boys strip down - smooth, pale teens, with big, bulging crotches and of course they’re uncut, and ready for fun. Oil gets his hero’s hole good and ready for his twitching, uncircumcised dick and Oli is more than ready to take that juicy length right up his butt. Our slender, super sexy boys fuck like crazy all over Oli’s dressing room until poor Oli can take no more pounding. ( He might be horny as hell, but that hole is almost virginal and is ‘almost’ TOO tight!!) The boys sit back and play with each others foresk! ins and stiff tools until they can feel the waves of orgasm sweeping through them. STAND BACK!
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