2018-03-13 05:30:01
I interrupt our regularly scheduled CUMpilation to bring you what will one day be another Classic CAUSA video, and additionally while adding this video into my database this morning, I discovered that Luis is now the 250th individual guy whom I’ve captured on video for CAUSA! Luis is an impromptu shoot after he joined AFF late last week, I “liked” his pix, and a day later, he emailed me his interest. As many of you are aware, with newbies like Luis, I don’t allow too many days to pass from initial contact to filming (for fear they’ll change their minds as I’ve had happen twice in the past six weeks with two curious-to-sexplore newbies on AFF). This shoot with Luis reminds me of Rio, but Luis exhibits the energy, charisma, and wanton desire that overtly shy Rio did not, and there was absolutely no post-orgasm regret. In fact, if anything, I believe that Luis is well on his path toward embracing his bisexual desires. Pay attention to the dialog throughout the shoot. After we were finished filming and were discussing, off camera, the events that transpired, Luis was surprised by some of things that he said during the shoot that he did not remember saying. He truly was in his sexual zone. One more reason why this video will go down in the annals of ClubAmateurUSA content, not only in CAUSA’s 13-year history but also not in my own years on earth, have I ever had this to happen during orgasm / ejaculation. Ya just gotta see it to believe it… Please welcome and enjoy Luis’ ClubAmateurUSA debut as our 250th CAUSA guy during our 13th anniversary celebrations!
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