Luke Harding and Mickey Carpathio

2023-08-02 05:30:01
Bearded versatile daddy Mickey Carpathio is in the mood for some younger meet so he hooks up with tattooed and pierced Luke Harding. The taller, bearded top is so into fucking the bald otter they waste little time in sucking cock. Instead, Luke gets Mickey on his knees, on the couch for easy access. Luke buries his face in Mickey's crack and his tongue in daddy's hole. Then he lubes his raw cock and slides it into Mickey with one fell swoop, thrusting in and out without giving Mickey the chance to get used to the penetration. But Mickey doesn't mind. Plus he can handle anything Luke can dish out! Except Luke really gets Mickey going and it's not long before Mickey pops his load. Luke bareback fucks the jizz out of Mickey and keeps on fucking. When Luke sits back, Mickey straddles and bounces up and down the throbbing shaft, fucking himself. The action continues with Luke on top, pile driving into Mickey. But the bareback fuck doesn't end there. Luke, like a true bareback cum pig, has the stamina of a wild pony and keeps on fucking until he blows a huge load that Mickey savors.
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