Malik & Troi

Channel: Chaos Men
2024-06-11 10:30:02
Troi has been doing a lot of international travelling. In the last month or two I think he must have been in a dozen European locations. He has been working out, put a little bit of mass on, and also seems more calm and confident. He did a cam show after filming this, which you has already aired. He hung out with about 25 members and did a fantastic job answering questions and messing around for ChaosMen members. He busted a second load that night for viewers. But this video took place earlier that day. I keep paring Malik with other Latin guys, mainly because I seem to have a ton of hung Latin guys, and Malik can eagerly take a huge cock. Malik says he has some pretty dirty fetishes, so we plan in the future to explore some of them. In this video, we got some nice armpit worship in. At first I thought Malik would sniff and lick Troi's pits. Instead, Malik fucks Troi's armpit, making Troi suck and wet his now musky cock. It's super-hot seeing a straight boy suck on cock that has just been in his own armpit! Troi rims his hole, and then sucks Malik's cock backwards. Damn! His cock is so big! Both of them! After slicking up Malik's hole with his spit, Troi slides his cock in easily. So good to see Troi back in action, giving a dude his long cock! Troi does fuck the cum out of Malik�twice! Stay tuned after the credits to see an Out Take of Malik cumming a bit too soon. He is so adorable when he realizes we likely missed it. Thankfully one camera had it! And sure enough he does bust a second nut 20 minutes later, thanks in part to Troi's ability to fuck like a jack-hammer! It sure does make you wonder how good Troi's cock must feel buried inside you!
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