Marten James Nails Tyler Griz

Channel: Dirty Tony
2022-05-13 05:30:02
Marten James is trying to bulk up a bit, and one of the first steps to his workout program is to take a few measurements so he can track his progress. Marten already has a pretty low body fat percentage, so he's more interested in tracking his muscle growth, so he asks his buddy Tyler Griz to wrap a tape measure around certain body parts. Tyler is pretty happy to oblige, and grabs the tape measure to get down to it. Marten flexes his biceps which measure in at 13", and rock hard, as Tyler notes. They work their way down Marten's body as he sheds his clothes for a more accurate measurement. Then its Tyler's turn to check out his progress, but about the time he gets down to Tyler's legs, things start coming up that are better measured with a mouth than a tape. Marten gets right down on it, sliding his lips down Tyler's shaft as his underwear fall to the floor.
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