Mattias Solich ROUND 4 - Duty Bound

Channel: Str8 Hell
2019-01-17 05:30:02
In Mattias Solich's Duty Bound we join him as he is having his head pushed down on Ondra Matej's throbbing cock. Matej is loving that cock and his tongue comes out to lick at it, when he isn't sucking it right down his throat. Ondra then shackles Mattias' wrists and gets behind him to shove his big cock deep in that sexy ass. Mattias moans with pleasure as his hot hole is stretched and pounded. Ondrej's dick rams in and out as he spanks on Mattias' ass. Having fucked him hard in that position Ondra turns Mattias' over and continues to work his dick in and out of the eager hole. Mattias keeps up with his moaning as he takes the throbbing cock in his ass. He turns onto his side and starts wanking himself as Ondra keeps fucking him hard. As Ondra pounds that hole Mattias releases a hot stream of cum from his cock. Ondra pulls out and wanks himself, shooting a big creamy load too.
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