Michael DelRay - Deviance - Part 7

2019-03-08 05:30:02
After having his back and ass shredded by two bullwhips, Michael is forced to lay his fresh wounds on a small bondage table covered with a coarse carpet. The boy looks great, spread out naked, legs bent at the knees, arms stretched overhead, his back arching seductively. “How’s your back feeling, boy,” Jared sneers, pushing down on Michael’s torso, forcing his back and ass to rub against the coarse fabric. Michael screams, then sees the bullwhip in Jared’s hands. “Oh God,” he mutters to himself. “He is going to whip my chest and stomach!” Jared slices Michael’s skin from his nipples to his crotch, crisscrossing his torso with deep, red stripes, hitting several spots multiple times, widening the welts. Jared then mists the fresh wounds with alcohol, sending Michael into spasms of agony, before whipping him again. Despite it all, Michael pumps out another huge load of cum on command.
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