Michal Potok

2019-02-22 05:30:01
Michal Potok is aged 19 and lives in Slany. He is a student who, in his spare time, enjoys sports, soccer and fitness. He is a fine looking guy, with a great smile. As he removes his tee shirt Michal shows off a well developed chest, posing to let us enjoy it. Then he turns, lowering his jeans, to reveal his sexy ass with soft, downy, hair lining the crack. Turning back around Michal poses some more, flexing his muscles. He sits and leans back, pulling his jeans off his ass. Then, with the jeans fully removed he grabs his ass cheeks, pulling them apart to show off his hot hole. Standing again, now fully naked, Michal poses to show his cock. When he gets it hard it looks very good indeed, and we get a series of lovely shots. He sits and leans back, with his hard cock standing up proudly. Turning over, onto his knees Michal gives another show of his sexy ass, pulling the cheeks apart to show the hole. Then it is back to more great shots of his hard cock. He is certainly one very sexy guy.
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