Mickey Carpathio and Saul Leinad

2023-06-09 05:30:02
Co-workers Mickey Carpathio and Saul Leinad take a quick break from work and sneak up to Mickey's place for a nooner. Mickey's been after Saul for a while now and he finally has his chance. With no time to waste, the bearded hairy daddy chows down on some big black cock, devouring Saul's monster like it's going out of style, at times fucking his own throat and giving the thick uncut slab some serious deep throat. Saul has a go and although Mickey clearly enjoys Saul's oral skills, he wants more of that monstercock. He gives his ass up to Saul, who rims Mickey then stuffs him full of all that big juicy meat, fucking him bareback and even getting some cock himself, before each sprays a load all over themselves. See? And you thought nooners were for a quick power nap!
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