2022-05-01 05:30:02
Today, Miloje is 36, and unfortunately, the last I am able to see any social media updates is 2009. Interestingly, one of my dearest friends, today, is also from Serbia. So, I asked him if he knew any folks with the same last name as Miloje (figuring that the Serbian community in the Valley is pretty tight-knit). He did not but figured that his parents or grandparents probably would. We decided that it was best to not ask the older adults and possibly have to explain why we were asking. lol Here’s what I had to say about Miloje back in December 2007: This video is, once again, why I do what I do. And it proves, as always, that I can never anticipate from one new model to the next, which one is going to have an over-the-top sexual experience. Luckily for me and quite unexpectedly, Sunday night was Miloje. At 6’4? and 220#, Milo is a big ol’ boy who is sportin’ some big ol’ bull’s balls, and his cock is wearing one helluva turtleneck (foreskin ;-). Originally from Serbia and only in the States for six years, he and I have been chatting on my favorite sex and swingers site over the past several weeks. He’s had a profile on that site for quite some time, so I was a surprised when he emailed me. I soon learned that Milo is gracious, respectful, genuine, and soft-spoken. Additionally, what I’ve learned in the last couple of days is that he is also quite curious to explore his sexuality. Thankfully, those are the guys whom I want (and you want me) to capture on video — especially when it’s a first-time sexual experience. Those are the guys who go into an involuntary, full-body-encompassing state of arousal. Milo’s video is now right up there with the overtly, physically sensitive Ewan, Rio, Liam, Dexter, Tate, Caden, Andreas, Brady, Clay, and Damon! And in terms of sensuality such as Ewan and Rio, Milo is right there with them. Oh, and did I mention that Milo damned-near blacked out from the sexual intensity? What an hour this was… Enjoy!
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