2022-03-30 05:30:02
In choosing to run Miloje’s second video as Classic only a month after his first video ran, there were a couple of things bouncing around in my head leading me to this decision. Firstly, the very positive response, last month, to “cHunk” Miloje in Classic format, and secondly, as we inch closer to ClubAmateurUSA’s 14th anniversary and 15th year in a couple of weeks, I felt like Miloje’s sexperience the second time around was quintessential CAUSA. Until I began working with this content, once again, I had not remembered just how intense it was for him. Thirdly, this shoot was filmed on 9/11/2008 and went live on 9/12/2008, so we’re exactly nine years later. So, that, as well, felt apropos to the moment. Maybe in a “Where Are They Now” post, I’ll pull a Paul Harvey and share “the rest of the story” with Miloje. ?? But for now, here’s what I had to say nine years ago: WOW! This is one video that will definitely go down in the CAUSA record books! Miloje is back after an almost 10-month hiatus, and his second video is exponentially more intense than his first! While I was editing this video, I ran the gamut of emotions right along with Miloje, and I sense that there was a lot more going on for him than how his physical responses manifested from his sexual pleasure. I’ve mentioned my hot German friend who comes over for a spin on my massage table (sans cameras) every few months, and prior to this shoot with Miloje, he’s the only other guy who I’ve brought dayum-near to tears during a session. For him, it’s the shear extreme, physical, sexual pleasure that derives from my extended manipulation of his unsheathed, uncut cock. For Miloje, it felt as though there was a much more intense emotional response to my stimulation. And I have to say, that this is one of the most sensual shoots that I’ve done. Again, while editing, I was reminded of Ewan’s first video.
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