Milos and Honza

2019-03-14 05:30:02
Honza Onus is laying on the bed enjoying a wank when Milos Ovcacek walks in. Milos quickly joins Honza on the bed and they begin to kiss. Milos then sucks on Honza's throbbing cock, his head bobbing up and down. Honza moans as he enjoys the lips wrapped tight around his cock. Milos sucks hard, and wanks on the cock. Then Honza removes his pants and spreads his legs wide and Milos continues to suck him and lick his balls. Milos then takes off his shorts and his own rock hard cock is exposed. Honza is quickly down on that massive cock, sucking it hard. His mouth works all over the cock and he sucks the balls into his mouth too. Honza climbs on top of Milos so they can suck each other. His hot mouth is stretched wide by Milos big dick. Milos' lips suck on Honza as his hands reach up to spread his ass. Then Honza lays next to Milos and feels that big cock slide deep into his ass. His hole is opened read good by Milos' big cock as it fucks him deep. Milos fucks Honza's ass and he reaches to wank his cock too. Milos then kisses Honza again as he pounds his tight ass. Honza wanks himself as he takes the rock hard cock. Milos fucks so deep and his rock really slams Honza's eager hole. Honza's own cock is so hard as he wanks it until he shoots his hot cum all over his body. Then Milos pulls out of Honza's ass and presents his hole, lifting his legs high in the air. Honza is still rock hard and slides his cock deep into Milos' hole. He fucks him as Milos grabs his own dick and wanks it. Milos is so close to cumming and he quickly dumps a huge cumshot all over his chest. Honza leans forward for one final kiss.
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