Mirai: Virgin No More

Channel: Japan Boyz
2020-05-22 05:30:02
Mirai's time has come, and so will his cock. Kinjiro gives the boy a choice, "top or bottom?" It's now "up" to Mirai, as Kinjiro's mouth goes to work. Trading off blowjobs, each boy is primed. Putting Mirai on his back, Kinjiro fingers his partner's hole; looks like Kinjiro has answered his own question. Working slowly, Mirai's virgin hole is about to be "in-troduced" to Kinjiro's cock on JapanBoyz.com. With a great view from above, we see how gentle and "giving" the top is; Mirai stays hard as Kinjiro does "double duty." Embracing, the pair move as one; the bottom's first time causes new sensations. Playing with Mirai's precum, Kinjiro continues by docking cocks. At the last minute, Mirai grabs his dick and sputters out a thick load; lots of prostate-goodness in that one. Using Mirai's cum as lube, Kinjiro takes care of himself, all over Mirai's torso, "unbelievable."
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