Nailing My Favorite Raw Fuck Toy

2024-06-11 10:30:02
Kip belongs in my own personal echelon of favorites. Not only have I known him longer than any other of my fuck toys, he also happens to be one of the sexiest and the most pleasant. Let me tell you, that's a rare combination these days. Quick to smile and slow to frown, Kip also likes to get down to business. This afternoon when he came over he was out of his clothes before we had even exchanged pleasantries. That was fine by me. I had had a stressful day, and I was happy to be getting my dick wet. I took off my clothes too and laid down so he could work my dick with his mouth. Maybe because he has had so much practice, or because I just like him so much, he got me hard despite the pre-occupations that I had just before he arrived. He sucks cock with single-mindedness. It's almost as if he is trying to win some Best Blowjob award. I suspect he watches a lot of girls sucking cock in porn, because he kinda gives BJs like a chick. That is, of course, fine by me. It felt great. I don't always like to suck dick, but with Kip I almost felt like it was an obligation to return the favor. He was hard as a rock. Now sometimes an 18 year old will just get hard for whatever reason, but Kip is a bit older, so I think that he must have truly been turned on. Some people might say that I don't have any reason to be banging guys half my age, but the proof is in the pudding: a lot of them like it just as much as I do. Another benefit of having a bit more experience than the others is that he can work my cock in relatively easily. Not that he is loose, but I fuck enough virgins that it's a relief sometimes to not have to spend 20 minutes getting past the second ring. And he got into the groove quickly, too. Before long he was riding me real sexy-like. That got me worked up, and I rolled him over onto the bed and really had a good fuck. I fucked him until I came in his hole. I always strive for that, and unless the guy starts whining I usually creampie him. But Kip isn't a whiner - he is a pro. Even though we didn't spend much time chatting afterwards, I kind of like the thought that at least some of my cum will be inside him the rest of the day, as he goes out with his friends or a girl or whatever. I wonder what it feels like for him? Does he think about it hours later, how his ass is still lubed up a little and my jizz is still inside him?
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