Navy Corpsman Logan Nails EMT Kayden

2023-11-20 11:30:01
Physical Training (PT) is a vital and regular part of our service members' and first responders' lives. Whether at home, or abroad, the work can be physically intense. Carrying another person requires a lot of core strength, and so Navy Corpsman Logan likes to team up with a workout buddy to help keep himself physically primed and ready. EMT Kayden is working hard to get himself bulked up, so he's happy to get together with his buddy to get in a good workout and break a bit of a sweat. They start off with some good core strength exercises, including sit ups, modified pushups, etc. Once Logan gets ahold of Kayden's ankles, he can see that his buddy's ass cheeks have some amazing definition. That is more stimulation than Logan can resist, and before Kayden can get in his first rep, Logan is pressing his crotch down on Kayden's cheeks, and taking full control of his buddy's body. With Kayden laying on his stomach, Logan pulls his buddy's pants off, revealing a perfectly rounded ass, begging for domination.
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