New Boss Julio Foot Worshiped

2018-05-16 05:30:01
Julio has just become the boss of a company, inheriting it from a family member. Employee Dev is called into the room, where Julio is waiting for him. If Dev wants to keep his job, which he needs pretty badly, he has to give Julio a foot massage. Of course, while things started off with a foot massage, they soon turn into an all-out worshiping. Julio tells Dev to sniff his socked feet, which smell quite strongly due to how long a day it has been for the boss. The sniffing continues for quite a while, as Dev inhales Julio's foot odor while his feet are both socked and bare. By the end of the scene Dev is told to lick Julio's feet and suck on his toes. Dev got to keep his job after all!
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