Nick Capra Nails Tyler Griz

Channel: Dirty Tony
2020-05-22 05:30:02
Who doesn't like to take a few dirty pictures with their current fling? Nick Capra and Tyler Griz definitely are down for it. Tyler gets the action started by getting his tongue to work on Nick's feet, while Nick gets it all in frame. Nick gets some major wood brewing under his pants, and Tyler is only too happy to keep stoking the fire. Then Tyler moves up to Nick's crotch and unleashes his buddy's tool so he can fill his throat with that thick meat. Tyler stretches his throat open until his lips bottom out in Nick's furry crotch - and Nick get's it all on his camera. Once Nick's pants are off, Tyler goes in for some serious throat banging action as he shows off his major oral talents. Nick is packing one monster of a piece, but Tyler is up for the challenge. Then it's Nick's turn to show off some oral skills as he goes in on Tyler's feet.
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