Nico Sideropolis and York Penello

Channel: Bad Puppy
2022-05-13 05:30:02
Nico Sideropolis woke up next to York Penello; both with fully erect morning wood. Nico kneels down next to the still sleeping York and begins stroking his cock. Almost instantely York’s cock spits a load of cum onto his stomach and Nico strokes his cock a little hard spewing sperm onto Nico’s chest. Getting up from the bed, Nico walks over, pulls the curtains and walks out onto the balcony where he stands naked in all of his glory. Walking back in, Nico heads for the shower and the noise of the water finally wakens York who joins Nico in the shower. Dropping to his knees York starts sucking Nico’s cock and licking his balls. After a few minutes of cock sucking York suddenly stands and begins rubbing his cock against Nico’s and soon thereafter they both shoot a juicy load of cum all without touching their cocks. Then it’s back to the bedroom when Nico bends over the bed allowing York to bury his tongue deep into Nico’s asshole as he works Nico’s cock with his hands. York rolls over on the bed and Nico sits down on York’s cock and begins riding it up and down; stroking his rock hard cock as York shifts his cock in and out of Nico’s ass. Ready to turn things around, Nico pulls the condom off of York’s cock, puts one on his and shoves his thick cock deep inside York’s waiting ass. York excitedly jerks his cock until it spits all over the bed and all the while Nico keeps fucking until at the last minute he pulls out and shoots his creamy jizz all over York’s back and ass.
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