Niko And Vahn

2023-09-18 05:30:01
Our versatile sexy Asian twink Vahn gets to be on the receiving end of a sexy little straight Asian boy named Niko. Niko may be tiny, but he sure has a tight and toned body that you just want to slurp right up. Niko will do anything for cash, and he gives cute gay Asian boy Vahn everything we paid for. After some blow job action from Vahn, I asked Niko if he sucks cock. He was pretty reluctant, but his eagerness to please got the best of him and soon he was wrapping his lips around Vahn's stiff straight cock. Vahn wants to taste that straight Asian boy's ass. He loves ass rimming and fingering. And all this anal play and attention Vahn is giving is obviously turning Niko on. Soon Niko is ramming Vahn's ass with his bareback Asian cock. After a nice long bareback fucking session in multiple positions, Niko reaches a climactic orgasm attempting to spray Vahn's cute face, but it's a gentle ! erruption and oozes out slowly but in high volume, leaving a huge pool of cum on Niko's cute little tuft of pubic hair.
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