Nikolai - Russian Wrestler - Part 2

2024-02-12 11:30:01
Like a good Russian, Nikolai suffers stoically, moaning and gasping, a look of intense agony on his beautiful face. He never imagined that something as ordinary as two-dozen clothespins could cause so much pain when clipped to his cock, balls and nipples, an intense, throbbing pain that never stops. He also learns that his tortures will be combined, that he will suffer the electric, burning sensation of the “violet wand” while he endures the biting pain of the pins. He is left bolted to the wall in agony for three hours, his perfect body glistening with sweat. Finally, he’s “allowed” to remove the pins, only to discover that taking them off is even more painful than putting them on. Then Nikolai is offered a deal: If he can pump out a load of cum from his wounded cock, he will have his time on the cross reduced by two hours. If he fails, two hours will be added.
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