One 19 Year Old Townie Two Happy Endings

2024-02-12 11:30:01
This 19 year old zoolander wannabe had spent the good part of the last year in his garage, recording videos of himself blowing smoke circles on his phone. He should have just stayed in the garage, because on a quick trip to meet his dealer, he got busted. This guy is non-violent enough even though he used to be a champion wrestler in school before he graduated. In his first week at the House he didn't seem to be very receptive to keeping a good attitude and getting along with others, so after his third time being snide, he was given the perp walk. The guy is particularly averse to male-male sexual activity, so I thought that I'd ease him into it slowly while still making him feel like the low life douchebag that he is. He's a good looking piece of meat, that is for damn sure, so I really enjoyed the therapy session. After having him strip down, he lies down on the bed and works himself up. I feel him up and creep all over him, finally grabbing his cock and then having him roll over so I can get a look at his virgin butthole. It looks real tight, and real pretty. Anyways, he and I jerk off, and I have him jerk me off for a while, too. Figuring I'd be nice on his first interaction, I get him off with a handjob. At this point, right after he cums, I smear his cum all over his face. He looks fairly disgusted by this. But I think he thought that it was over. Not quite. I tell him to finish me off. He starts stroking my dick again. I tell him to move in between my legs and jerk me with a tighter grip. As he does, the looks on his face are priceless. He is half in complete disbelief and half in shock. When I nut, a lot of cum gets all over his hands. He looks at the cum on his hands, and then looks at me. This is going to be a fun one to have around until his probation is over.
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