Onesie Direction 2

Channel: Euroboy XXX
2019-05-07 05:30:01
Backstage at Onesie direction and Mickey is needing some release. (He really is the boy of the moment, a little bit rough, a little bit cheeky, very tattooed, very hung and VERY sexy.) Riley’s eager to please ‘the star’ and is on his knees worshipping that magnificent, uncircumcised tool. He gets right in their playing with the foreskin with his tongue, teasing it to absolute stiffness. Mickey’s quick to turn the boy around and non too gentle as he slides deep, deep into Riley’s tight hole, he’s not a virgin, but he’s not far off. The handsome lads fuck all over the floor, doggy, missionary, Riley straddling Mickey is insatiable and when he’s reduced that tight hole to a sopping ruin he pulls out his wet, slimy cock un sheathes it and blows all over ! Riley’s smooth, perfect film buns.
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