OUT! Trainer Diesel uses his bat on Pitcher Eric

Channel: Titan Men
2022-02-26 05:30:02
A.J.’s interview airs on GSPN, surprising player Eric Nero. He’s getting a massage from trainer Diesel Washington, who isn’t fazed: “Coach and I have been buddies for years.” Diesel’s hands and tongue tease Eric’s massive cock, which disappears inside the trainer’s mouth. Diesel then plants his own monster on Nero’s face (“Fuckin’ love that dick!”). They 69 each other’s beasts as the verbal Diesel takes control (“Make it nice and wet…suck that big dick!”), spreading Eric’s cheeks to munch on his hole. He rams him hard, Diesel’s own pecs flexing as he fucks the bottom—who squirts, then beats his dick on the top’s abs right before Diesel fires his own load.
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