Pablo Barebacks Jerome James

Channel: French Dudes
2018-02-13 05:30:02
This week on FrenchDudes we have 2 newcummers, Pablo and Jerome James. As the scene opens, the 2 youngsters are at the local sex club with Jerome on his knees getting throat fucked by Pablo. Jerome has a hard time taking all of Pablos' thick cock in his mouth, so he does the next best thing; bends of the mat and opens the other end. With legs spread wide and hole fully exposed, Pablo goes in deep and raw. Jerome is the vocal type and no shortage of moans and groans coming from this young twink. Pablo hops on the mat and continues to "drive it home" pausing only to lick that sweet little ass to keep it wet. The action switches up throughout the scene going from bareback fucking to sucking and rimming and back to fucking Jerome's tight hole. The boys pause the action to show us Jerome's hole now opened and stretched and his hard cock poking out of his jock strap. Ready to nut, Pablo pulls out and moves up to blow a thick load of jizz all over Jerome's face and mat.
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