Paul and Lorenc

2018-11-20 05:30:02
Lorenc Byro is a real sex pig, he loves nothing more than some hot, steamy sex. That is exactly what he gets in this video with Paul Hunter. Things start off gently, with Paul massaging Lorenc's legs and feet. His hands work the cream into Lorenc's sexy feet and up his hairy legs. Before long Paul's attention has moved to Lorenc's hot chest and then, as Lorenc responds, to his lips too. They kiss and Lorence pulls off Paul's shirt. Paul kisses and licks Lorenc's chest and slips a hand into his shorts too. Then his mouth moves down to bite at Lorenc's cock, through his underwear. That cock seems hard in the shorts as Paul grabs and wanks it. He pulls the stiff dick out of the shorts and is soon sucking it. His lips are tight around the shaft as his head moves up and down. Lorence responds by removing Pauls jeans and underwear and grabbing his rock hard cock. They kiss some more and Lorenc's underwear comes off. Then he lays along the sofa so that Paul can climb over him and enjoy a hot 69. They suck each other real well and then Lorenc wants something more. He raises up and bends over so that Paul can slide his dick deep into the waiting hole. Paul fucks that ass deep and hard, just an Lorenc likes. He moans as the cock slams into his hot, eager hole. Paul is loving that ass and turns Lorenc over to fuck him missionary style. Lorenc grabs his own cock and wanks it fast while Paul continues to pound his hot ass. With that dtikff cock slamming into his hole it doesn't take long for Lorenc to shoot a big creamy load over his left thigh. Paul keeps fucking that ass as Lorence milks his cock dry. The last of the cum drips from Lorenc's cock as Paul pounds away at his hot. Then Paul is ready too, pulling out he shoots his cum all over Lorenc's cock and balls. Leaning forward he kisses Lorenc again and then takes him off to the shower so they can both clean up.
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