Pedro Piedra and Tomas Robles

2023-10-30 10:30:01
In a remote village of a Latin country in Central America you’ve probably never heard of, there's a military dictatorship controlling the populace. Crime is not tolerated and the severity of your punishment is determined by your actions. Most men end up in jail. However, the twinks who are caught have an option. They can serve time or pay back society by going to boot camp. That’s what happened with Tomas Robles. With one older brother already in jail and a younger brother in a street gang, he thought it would be best if he saved his parents the heartache and joined the military. Little did he know his Commanding Officer, Pedro Piedra, is a hard-ass mother fucker with a huge tool! The twink finds out what Pedro is about when he’s caught jerking off while on duty. To show Tomas a lesson, Pedro has the skinny twink do push-ups but the C.O. is aroused by the sight of the plump butt rising and falling. Soon, Pedro orders Tomas to his knees and the large, fat, humongous piece of uncut Latin pinga looks positively frightening as the twink starts to give the man a blowjob. Poor Tomas thought he was going to get away with just giving Pedro a blowjob but Pedro had other plans. And since the delinquent is a virgin and the C.O. a beast, is that huge monster cock going anywhere? Stay tuned!
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