Peter Filo and Tom Vojak

2018-03-21 05:30:02
Peter Filo is paired with Tom Vojak in what was Tom's first scene with another guy, though we have already posted some other scenes with him. Both the guys are straight, but they are still ready to have a great time with each other. After a little chat they are soon watching some porn and wanking their rock hard cocks. Peter reaches over and wanks Tom's dick, which is so big and thick. He takes hold of Peter's too and they both wank each other. Peter is first to suggest something more, when he asks to suck on Tom's cock. He soon has his mouth wrapped tight around that big cock, licking and sucking on it. Tom has big, heavy balls too, that rest snuggly between his thighs as his cock is worked on by Peter's hot mouth. When Tom stands to remove his tee shirt, his cock is shown sideways and we see just how big it it. Peter is quickly back on that cock, as Tom holds the back of his head. Peter sucks on the balls too as he works on that cock. Then they both lay down and get into a hot 69, before Tom stands over Peter again, shoving his dick deep into his mouth. We get a great view of those big balls hanging down, and Tom's tight ass hole as Peter takes the cock deep into his throat. Then Peter offers his ass up, and Tom quickly lubes it with his spit and slips a finger into the hole. Peter wanks himself as his ass is played with. Then Tom climbs on, and slides his massive tool deep into Peter's ass.
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