Peter Hronsky

2022-05-06 05:30:02
Peter Hronsky Jr. is, as we reported in an earlier newsletter, the son of Peter Hronsky a modeul from some years back. Peter brought Peter Jr. into us and what a treat it was. Jr. is 18 and lives in Prague where he is a hairdresser. He enjoys sports, MMA and boxing. He does a nice interview where we find out that he is a virgin. Then Peter relexes in the chair and starts to feel his body through his clothes. He reaches under his tee shirt to rub his chest. Then he raises the tee shirt and shows off some skin as he reaches into his jeans too. He bares his sexy chest, rubbing his hands over it. Then he opens his jeans and pulls out his cock. He starts to wank on his beautiful, stiff, cock as he pushes the jeans down. With the jeans removed he is fully naked and rock hard as he keeps wanking his cock. That cock is a real beauty, with a big head and Peter traps it between his thighs as he raises his legs and shows off his tight ass hole. He rubs his ass, pulling the cheeks apart to show the hole better. Then he takes hold of his cock again and wanks it some more. He keeps wanking as the camera closes in on his hot hole. Then Peter stands up and wags his cock by working his slim hips. He grabs his dick again and wanks it hard until he shoots his hot cum all over the floor. Then he goes off to the shower to clean up.
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