Pumping A Teen Full Of It

2018-03-13 05:30:01
It's not uncommon for the rougher guys to do the harder stuff, usually after their weekly piss tests. However, most residents have the common sense to be off-property and not have a stash. This idiot got caught. To pay for his mistake, he gets marched into the room and thrown onto the bed. A lot of habits have a way of messing with a guy's ability to get his dick hard, and I was curious at this point, given his usage patterns, whether he could still even get a boner, so after he takes his clothes off, I ask him if he can even get a hard on anymore. He lies there jerking off, trying to get it up. As he does, I whip my dick out too, rock hard already at twice his age. I hope this is a lesson to him that he learns, if he wants to continue fucking his bitches.
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