Rado Zuska and Marek Borek

2018-04-23 05:30:02
Rado Zuska and Marek Borek had a great wrestling match, which is reprised at the beginning of this Dream Set. With Marek victorious the action moves on to the winner's rewards. Fist Rado sucks on Marek's cock, getting it nice and hard. He licks on Marek's tight balls too and takes the cock right down his throat. Then Marek gets what he really wants, his cock deep in Rado's ass. Rado is on his back legs in the air as Marek pounds his hot ass. Rado's dick is rock hard too and he wanks it as Marek fucks him. Marek then stands Rado up and bends him over to fuck him some more. His throbbing cock works that ass real well, stretching the hole wide. Rado drops to his knees on the mats, with Marek continuing to use his hot ass, his dick slamming all the way in. He works that hole so good with Rado taking it all. Marek keeps fucking until he dumps his hot cum deep in that ass and then makes Rado push the cum back out of his ass. Then Marek gets Rado in a neck hold until he dumps his hot cum too, all over the wrestling mats.
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