Raw Road Trip 3

Channel: Euroboy XXX
2020-04-29 05:30:02
Cheeky little Aaron Aurora never fails to deliver and this time he’s on wheels! Josh and Aaron are being driven around, ( the driver had to wear blinkers!) Cutie Aaron is as tight and horny as ever and he’s LUVIN’ it raw. Josh teases his puckered fuck-hole open with tongue and fingers then slides that pulsating, veiny, uncut cock right up to the bulging bollocks in Aaron’s guts as Aaron gasps - somewhere between pleasure and pain - but takes the entire, throbbing, bareback length. These boys are so into each other ( in more ways than one!) they don’t notice the passing traffic as they lock their hot, slender, smooth bodies together in a writhing, passionate fuckathon. AND of course stand back when these little hunks blow their loads - no one cums like an oversexed euroboy!
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