Reid Thrasher and Cooper Roads

2024-01-30 11:30:01
Human sexuality is an amazing thing. There’s something for everyone and almost anything can be a fetish. For Reid Thrasher, mohawk-sporting otter and long-haired ginger Cooper Roads, it seems to be nipples and armpits. The two explore each other, sniffing deep and licking like the hungry men that they are. Soon, each services the other, showing off some wicked mad oral skills and it’s no mean feat as the slender hairy fuckers are nicely hung. Reid flips Cooper onto his back, ass up in the air and eats him out, rimming Cooper in a way that makes the redhead’s eyes roll back into his head. Back what really gets Cooper going is Reid’s big cock, buried balls deep in his ass. Super hairy and pierced Reid pumps expertly, bareback fucking the tattooed bottom. At times, Cooper seems barely able to take all Reid has to give, let alone take a good hard rough slam. But like a trooper, and the true cock whore that he is, Cooper works through the exquisite pain of getting fucked with a big dick, no doubt relishing in the protein soon to be his. Reid blows a thick and ropey load, seeding the bareback slut, then fucks the jizz out of Cooper.
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