Reid Thrasher and Jon Shield

2023-08-22 05:30:02
For Reid Thrasher and Jon Shield sex is sometimes about scents and flavors. Bearded, tattooed and pierced, the two sniff each other like dogs before Jon drops to his knees to reveal Reid’s huge cock. Jon deep throats the big fat tool like he’s savoring a fine cut of beef, working Reid’s balls for good measure. But Jon doesn’t stop there. He continues going south, burying his face in Reid’s hairy ass crack and tonguing his fuckhole. Driven to insane pleasure, Reid returns the favor, servicing Jon and making himself choke and gag on Jon’s huge curved cock. We thought we knew how this would turn out, with Jon on top, slamming Reid but porn is sometimes unpredictable and as it turned out, Reid is the one who slides that big fucker home. His big, cum-laden balls look even bigger than they are from the steel cockring and the look nice and plump as they sway back and forth. But never fear. Tops like Jon rarely bottom for long and the two soon flip. Reid impales himself on Jon’s thick meaty shaft and rides it for all he’s worth before providing us with yet another twist and seeding Jon’s freshly fucked, puckering hole!
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