Rogue Status and Tony Bishop

2024-03-02 11:30:01
Bearded hipster Rogue Status doesn't get fucked often but when he does, it better be by someone who knows what they're doing. More importantly, it better be by someone who has a big dick and who will go all the way, fucking him raw because bareback is the way Rogue prefers to get fucked. There's no one better suited for what the hairy, tattooed, pierced otter needs than sexy blond, Tony Bishop. Making out is wet and noisy. So is the oral session that follows, as Rogue tries to take all of that big fat tattooed cock, gagging as get gets his face fucked. And if that weren't sloppy and noisy enough, just wait until Tony gets his face in Rogue's hairy ass. You'll be feeling as though he's got his tongue buried deep in your hole! It's a messy and wet rim job as Tony primes Rogue full of spit then slides his thick raw cock up that hungry, hairy ass. Like a hot knife through butter, Tony goes balls deep in one fell swoop, mounting Rogue and bareback fucking his ass until he quite literally, fucks the cum out of him in an explosive shot of jizz that's truly horny to behold!
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