Channel: Chaos Men
2019-01-25 05:30:02
Ron is one sexy dude! He is an intelligent guy, easy to talk to, and said that this was his first time. He was not really nervous about the solo, but the Serviced video had him concerned. I thought he was at least Bi, but he says he is into girls. I never know what to think anymore. I do know he was very turned on by taking his clothes off. For the photos, his cock was springing to life as he peeled away his underwear. No porn needed! Usually, when we switch to videos, and after the interview, the guys are reset back to not being hard. He said he was soft when we started, so with three cameras aimed at him with blaring red 'record' lamps on, I figured he might have to watch some porn to get hard. Nope. Once again, as soon as he started to peel off his underwear, his cock started to rise. It sure likes to be free of his underwear! And it is a very hot cock too. He said it was 7" but I took one look at it and knew it had to be bigger. Lately, the guys have been underestimating their dick size, something any cruising app user would not be familiar with. Turns out it is over 7.5" and it sure looks like it got longer during this stroke fest. This is one hot man, and I am eager to see him get his cock serviced!
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