Ron Mark

2018-12-10 05:30:02
Ron Mark is a very hot straight guy, aged 20. He doesn�t have a job at the moment and enjoys soccer, tennis and most sports. He sure looks good as we first see that handsome face. Then Ron lifts his tee shirt and reveals a very nice chest, with a good amount of hair. Opening his pants he turns around and pushes them down to show off a very sexy ass. Then he lays on the bed to remove the rest of his clothes. He kneels on the bed naked, and showing off his cock and balls. Leaning back on the bed Ron takes hold of his cock as the balls rest between his thighs. That cock gets nice and hard and Ron stands, with one foot up on the bed, to show the erection to best effect. It pokes out, proudly, in front of him as he stands with hands on hips. Kneeling on the bed again, and leaning back he shows that stiff dick as it points skywards. Then Ron lays down for more shots. When he lifts his legs in the air that sexy ass comes into view with the cock being pushed forward too. Ron grabs his ass cheeks and pulls them wide apart to show off his hot hole. We then get some great close-ups of that stiff cock before Ron lays on his belly to show off the shape of that sexy ass.
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