Rubbergeddon - Matt & Jac

Channel: UK Hot Jocks
2022-05-13 05:30:02
In a super piggy bright yellow, Jack Taylor presses his physique through the tight, semi-transparent rubber, his tattoos, nipples and abs showing though the gear. Nose ring, wet look style, he’s rocking the punky rubber pig look! In a more traditional but no less hot thick black chaps and a harness, Matt Anders looks like a man in charge. He’s gonna take this rubber punk and show him who’s boss. Pulling him in, bending him over and giving his big bubble butt a heavy slap. Bringing him back up, he inspects him slowly, bringing him nose to nose and kissing him passionately. Hands wander over the slicked up gear, finger tips doing all the talking. Pushing him down again. Matt goes in for his arse, cheeks pulled apart and tongue in deep, the boy groans and g! asps. This makes Matt hard, so he opens up his jock and gets Jack to blow his already rock solid cock. Spitting and slobbering in a truly Jack Taylor style, he gets his dick more than wet! He thinks he’s earned a blow job back so takes a stand, Matt carefully unzips his jock shorts, taking out his fat cock and shoving the whole lot down his throat, sucking hard, pumping up his dick. Yanking him down from the boxes he bundles him into the sling, spreads and enters. Banging hard, jack lifts himself up like a proper power bottom and doesn’t just accept the fuck, he’s pushing back! Chains clank and the guys roar… definitely getting the most out of that sling!! Up on the boxes Jack arches his back hard, ready for more of the rough stuff. Matt sensually starts, but ends up pounding the fuck out of him, the boy reached back grabs his aggressors harness, baying for more!
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