Ryder & Jason Fuck

Channel: Buck Angel
2019-04-15 05:30:02
Okay, so I'm a "pervert," but seeing these guys together, and ready to fuck, has me grabbing my "camera." Asking about their sexual interests, seems like we all have something in common, porn. Ryder says it best, "I like it all." And filming trans porn is a great opportunity for our community to see, we all just like sex. Inside, Ryder happily shares his "bag of goodies;" I see Jason's eyes light up. Well prepared, even having "special sauce," Ryder is definitely adventurous. Using one of his homemade toys on Jason, both enjoy the "first-hand" capability. Being very "instructive" and helpful, Ryder leans in for a kiss; just like the toy, Jason is very much relishing the fun. At this point, I'm just going to try and get close without dropping the camera, or joining in; no guarantees for BuckAngel.com. While staying hard, Jason spreads his legs and focuses on his head. Ryder joins in and the pair realize at this point, "natural" may be the way to go. First rolling Jason onto his back, and then maneuvering him around, Ryder is taking the lead, but I'm sure Jason will "cum" out of his shell in the next segment.
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