Sam Hansworth and Logan Hardy

Channel: English Lads
2022-06-23 05:30:01
Logan is a young straight lad who over the last shoot proved that he was against having his hole played with - so he's progressing fast and we've got two big steps in this shoot - Logan gets fucked for the first time, and Sam, the straight lad we've partnered him with, gets to fuck his first guy! And its a great match, the two hit it off and are stripped down quick, showing off their fit bodies - Sam is leaner, but Logan is more muscley. Both seem to have instantly hard cocks, just how we like them! They have a go at sucking each other, before Logan gets relaxed with a toy in him, and then Sam swaps the toy for his hard cock! Logan gets a good fucking from Sams meaty tool, and Logan shoots a huge load while Sam is in him, and Sam follows suit just after. Very hot.
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