Shawn Phoenix and Aaron Wolf

2018-12-29 05:30:02
Shawn Phoenix and Aaron Wolf start things off with checking out each other's shoes. Soon Shawn moves from Aaron's shoes to his cock, which he slips into his mouth. These guys have a real fetish for sneakers as Shawn moves between licking Aaron's cock to his shoes. The smell of Aaron's shoes gets Shawn so hard that he's finally forced to whip his massive cock out and stroke it, rubbing it all over Aaron's sneakers. Shawn slides his thick cock deep into Aaron's asshole and pounds away, both studs only wearing their shoes. Aaron gets his chance to fuck our man Shawn who moans with each pound to his tight round ass. Finally they lie next to each other and jack off. They even bust out their favorite toys and slide them up their asses. They cover a lucky pair of sneakers in their man juice and then lick them nice and clean, making sure no drop goes to waste.
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