2022-05-01 05:30:01
Today, Shayne is 30 years old, married, and a successful professional. We’ve not had any interaction since shortly after my return to Scottsdale in May 2014, but I know via social media, that he is well. When he returned for his 10th anniversary shoot in September 2013, I gleaned that he had no regrets for his participation in ClubAmateurUSA videos (nor the other sexcapades about which I was aware via AdultFriendFinder). From his original appearance in 2004 to now, Shayne remains one of CAUSA’s most popular guys, and here’s what I had to say about his “Round Two” shoot back in the day: There’s nothing like getting to play with the hottest boy-toy at eight o’clock in the morning… LOL Due to Shayne’s work, school, and travel schedule the only time that he could fit in his second shoot was at 8 AM. Well, you know me… sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice… ?? So, here I am at 8 AM last Tuesday morning, teaching Shayne the pleasures of dick sucking, ball licking, and ass eating. Interestingly enough, from the moment Shayne dropped trou, he was half hard. Of course, once the butt munching began, he was at full staff and you can hear his moans. Needless to say, I would love to start every day out like this… Hehehe… Enjoy Shayne’s Round Two!
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