2022-05-10 05:30:02
Here we are twelve and a half years after Shayne first appeared on ClubAmateurUSA and nine and a half years since this video ran, and still to this day, when Shayne flashes those puppy-dog, baby-blue eyes at the camera, my little heart goes pitter-patter. Hard to believe that our little Shayne is turning 32 next month. Here’s what I had to say back in the day: It’s been feeling like old-home month here at the CAUSA Porn Palace. First Devin and now I received a surprise email from Shayne — just checking in. As soon as I heard that he is getting married in November, I asked him if he’d be willing to do one more shoot before shackling on the “old ball and chain.” Another surprise when without hesitation, Shayne said, “SURE!” Since it’d been almost a year that I’d seen him on my favorite sex and swingers site, I think that Shayne was being a good boy and not playing around. My suspicions were confirmed when Shayne emerged from the shower before the shoot, and his cock was already at half mast. I started taping with the first camera while I setup the second camera because, as you’ll soon see, Shayne was hard and raring to go. Given his anticipation, it wasn’t too far into the shoot with me stroking his raging erection and fingering his tight hole, that Shayne was ready to pop. With a little prostate massage, sucking, licking, rubbing, tugging, and a little Fleshlight action, Shayne’s return to CAUSA after more than a year away turned out to be one helluva hot video!
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