Sports Day Fuck-A-Thon

Channel: Euroboy XXX
2019-12-20 05:30:03
OH these boys are blatant. The temperatures rising and so are the uncut, teen-cocks. We took Jessie and Andy out for a jog in the woods, but these oversexed lads can’t help glancing at each others bulging crotches, bouncing packets and firm buns stretching and flexing beneath their shorts. The boys stop for a breather and quickly realise what the other is thinking. A cheeky glimpse of uncut cock through the net of the straining shorts, the foreskin already being pushed back by the stiffening dick, then the boys strip off naked but for their trainers. Andy sucks Jessie’s cock, licking up the pre-cum and living the warmth of it in his mouth, as it prods the back of his throat. The boys 69 and rim, on the sun dappled hillside, nervous of being caught, but somehow t! hat adds even more excitement to their passionate kisses and rock hard dicks. Jessie lies back allowing Andy to worship his dick, before he rubbers up and the slender, youngster straddles that aching, throbbing dick and slides down onto the pulsating member. The lads fuck, and moan, quickly forgetting their outdoor vulnerability, Jessie mounts Andy pushing up his legs and pounds that smooth, hairless teen hole for all he’s worth he’s dripping with sweat, and ready to blow. Our top boy pulls out twangs off the rubber and shoots streams of gooey pleasure over his battered bottom boys smooth, taut abs.
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