Str8 Enrique Gives Head

2024-07-10 10:30:01
It's been three days since Enrique has gotten off, so he stops by Vinni's to drop off a present. He makes himself at home and begins stripping off his clothes as he tells some stories from the hood. After finding the right motivational video, Enrique begins stroking his big dick, until it's at full potential. Vinni drops to the floor and goes down on his cock, swallowing the whole thing. Enrique pulls out Vinni's cock and starts stroking it, as he gets head. After a cock fight, Enrique sucksVinni's dick. Then Vinni go back to servicing his monster cock, giving it a nice slow licking. Enrique comes close several times and then launches a huge load on Vinni's lips. Vinni flops on the sofa and Enrique jerks and sucks his cock until he shoots onto the floor.
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