Straight Guys Try Self Sucking - Nolan & Dean Inja

2022-05-21 05:30:02
Any chance we get to have a couple of horny guys enjoying their cocks together isn't gonna be missed by us. Nolan and Dean have no problem getting their dicks out and having some fun with a buddy, but they're not usually trying to suck their own meat. To be fair, Nolan doesn't really try to reach his cock, he's too into beating off while Dean tries to lick his own meat and ends up splashing cum in his own face. Nolan isn't far behind, stroking his immense cock and pumping a hot mess of thick white cream out over his thigh while his buddy watches. Wouldn't it have been easier if they just lent each other a mouth and both got what they wanted? Hm, maybe we should suggest that for next time?
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